Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any discount for babies or children?

Kombos Taxi applies an equal fee for passengers of any ages. All occupied seats are charged the same no matter how old the passengers are. Babies or kids sitting on their parents’ laps are also charged.

Are there seat belts in the cars for transfer service?

Every car is equipped with seat belts as the regulation in each area says so.

How to arrange the payment ?

Cash payment can be arranged directly with the driver but you can secure your transfer service by sending us money via PayPal. You can use credit cards to send the money via PayPal.

How Will Kombos Taxi take care of my lost luggage?

We have a good cooperation with the airlines agencies at the airports and they will take care of your lost luggage and take it to the resort where you are staying.

Do you have any license and insurance?

Yes, we are insured and licensed.

How do I cross the border of South Cyprus and North Cyprus ?

Anyone can cross the borders of North Cyprus and South Cyprus without doing anything. There will be some formalities or document checking but the driver will handle them. You just need to keep your visa safe until you come back.

What if I could not get into my driver?

The chance for not meeting your driver is very little but if it happens, make sure you note the contact number of Kombos Taxi office on this page.

What if the airlines delay my flight?

Delays in flights is something common so you do not need to worry. No matter how long you are delayed, your taxi with the driver will be there for you. Kombos Taxi has good cooperation with the airlines and the arrival lounge so we will take care of anything and make sure that the driver is waiting for you when you arrive. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to confirm or update your arrival to us.

How will the driver recognize me?

All drivers employed by Kombos Taxi are the helpful and experienced ones and they know how to find you at the arrival gates. As we know the schedule of all flights and their updated information, we are fully aware when you arrive there. That is why you should make sure that you include your flight details when booking the transfer service.

Our driver will be standing there holding a board with YOUR name written there clearly. If some bad things still happen despite our efforts so that you cannot find the driver and he cannot find you, (such as misunderstanding about the exit gate, you are delayed at the customs, etc) our staff will contact you via the number you provide in the form. However, it also becomes your accountability to call us to the number we provide on the confirmation e-mail. Please keep in mind that it might cause service cancellation.